We a miniature of his wife, Susannah, with a remarkably sweet and happy face, bearing some resemblance to the portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds of her father; a countenance expressive of the gentle and sympathetic nature which Miss Meteyard ascribes to her. A Group of Englishmen, by Miss Meteyard, 1871.)

She died July 15,1817, thirty-two years before her husband, whose death occurred on November 13,1848. Dr. Darwin lived before his marriage for two or three years on St. John's Hill, afterwards at the Crescent, where his eldest daughter Marianne born, lastly at the ",Mount," in the part of Shrewsbury known as Frankwell, where the other children born. This house built by Dr. Darwin about 1800, it now in the possession of Mr. Spencer Phillips, and undergone but little alteration. It a large, plain, square, red-brick house, of which the most attractive feature the pretty greenhouse, opening out of the morning-room-.

The house charmingly placed, on the top of a steep bank leading down to the Severn. The terraced bank traversed by a long walk, leading from end to end, still called the Doctor's Walk." At one point in this walk grows a Spanish chestnut, the branches of which bend back parallel to themselves in a curious manner, and this Charles Darwin's favourite tree as a boy, where he and his sister Catharine each their special seat.

The Doctor took great pleasure in his garden, planting it with ornamental trees and shrubs, and especially successful with fruit trees; and this love of plants , I think, the only taste kindred to natural history which he possessed.



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