CHARLES ROBERT DARWIN was the second son Dr. Robert Waring Darwin, Shrewsbury, where he was born February 12, 1809. Dr. Darwin was a son Erasmus Darwin, sometimes described as a poet, more deservedly known as physician and naturalist. Charles Darwin's mother was Susannah, daughter Josiah Wedgwood, the well-known potter Etruria, Staffordshire.

If such speculations are permissible, we may hazard the guess that Charles Darwin inherited his sweetness disposition the Wedgwood side, while the character his genius came rather the Darwin grandfather.* (* See Charles Darwin's biographical sketch his grandfather, prefixed Ernst Krause's Erasmus Darwin. (Translated the German bv W. S. Dallas,1878.) (Also Miss Meteyard's Life Josiah Wedgwood)

Robert Waring Darwin was a man well-marked character. He had no pretensions being a man science, no tendency generalise his knowledge, and though a successful physician he was guided more intuition and everyday observation than a deep knowledge his subject. His chief mental characteristics were his keen powers observation, and his knowledge men, qualities which led him "read the characters and even the thoughts those whom he saw even a short time." It is not therefore surprising that his help should have been sought, not merely illness, cases family trouble and sorrow. This was largely the case, and his wise sympathy, no less than his medical skill, obtained him a strong influence the lives a large number people. He was a man a quick, vivid temperament, a lively interest even the smaller details the lives those whom he came contact. He was fond society, and entertained a good deal, and his large practice and many friends, the life Shrewsbury must have been a stirring and varied onevery different this respect the later home his son .* (* The passage is, permission Messrs. Smith Elder, taken my article Charles Darwin, the Dictionary National Biography.)



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