MAY 2016 Exam REVISION exercises by Michael A. Riccioli - 2016

Instructions and examples
I) Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word
e.g. "__ some professions, niceness does not get you very far." ==> ANSWER: IN

II) Use the words in brackets to form a word/phrase that fits in the gaps
e.g. : "It is a term often ___ (USE) to describe ... ==> Answer: USED"

III) Word opposites
e.g. 1: "___ (=not interesting)..." ==> Answer: UNINTERESTING
e.g. 2: "___ (opposite of 'long').."==> Answer: SHORT

IV) Numbers and Figures
e.g. : "___ (write in figures: four hundred and four) ..." ==> Answer: 404

V) Gapped translation (translate the words in brackets)
e.g. : "____ (nos pays)"==> our countries

VI) Multiple-Choice: decide which word best fits each space.
e.g. "... involving a very small ___ (detailed/detail/details) or difference ..." ==> ANSWER: DETAIL VII) Word definitions ...
e.g. " He ___ (=in the end; at the of a period of time or a series of events) went to have a word with the CEO." ==> Answer: EVENTUALLY
“The TCS makes us look [plus grands que nous le sommes],” says Tracy Clinch, president CEO of MASITEK. “When you're dealing companies Nestle, McCain, Carlsberg and Unilever, it helps have [une plus grande présence].”

The company was started 2010 with [FUND] from the Technology Venture Corporation, a venture capital group (établi à) Moncton. MASITEK’s patented technology uses replicas items [HANDLE] in production lines that are equipped sensors to determine the cause any rough handling they receive machinery. This maximizes [EFFICIENCY] and improves the quality of the automated processing fragile (AGRICULTURE) goods, (par example). There are also sensor systems bottling, canning and packaging food products and for use pharmaceutical manufacturing.