MAY 2016 Exam REVISION exercises by Michael A. Riccioli - 2016

Instructions and examples
I) Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word
e.g. "__ some professions, niceness does not get you very far." ==> ANSWER: IN

II) Use the words in brackets to form a word/phrase that fits in the gaps
e.g. : "It is a term often ___ (USE) to describe ... ==> Answer: USED"

III) Word opposites
e.g. 1: "___ (=not interesting)..." ==> Answer: UNINTERESTING
e.g. 2: "___ (opposite of 'long').."==> Answer: SHORT

IV) Numbers and Figures
e.g. : "___ (write in figures: four hundred and four) ..." ==> Answer: 404

V) Gapped translation (translate the words in brackets)
e.g. : "____ (nos pays)"==> our countries

VI) Multiple-Choice: decide which word best fits each space.
e.g. "... involving a very small ___ (detailed/detail/details) or difference ..." ==> ANSWER: DETAIL VII) Word definitions ...
e.g. " He ___ (=in the end; at the of a period of time or a series of events) went to have a word with the CEO." ==> Answer: EVENTUALLY
Clinch says that the (technologie novatrice) helps reduce plant downtime, enhance product integrity increase a company’s productivity profits. MASITEK today has (done/made) more 300 different sensor systems clients all o the world, [INCLUDE] massive entities as AB InBev, the global brewing company, and Diageo, B m a b c (une entreprise britannique multinationale de boissons alcoolisées).

Some 95 percent of MASITEK’s sales outside of Canada, and it has 15 partner agents in l (endroits stratégiques) around world, Clinch says. There are sensor systems handling eggs, potatoes and (d'autres fruits) and vegetables, for capping sealing machines, to (réduire) glass breakage and damage to cans and limit scuffing, label-tearing (et d'autres problèmes) on (chaînes de production).

(un élément important) of MASITEK’s (ventes internationales), given its size location, has been involvement of the TCS, Clinch says, starting with trade commissioners the Atlantic region and extending many (marchés mondiaux).