DECEMBER 2015 (1) by Michael A. Riccioli

Text Recreation Exercise

This section will help (1) (EMPLOYER) develop comprehensive job (2) (DESCRIBE) and attract the job (3) (APPLY) that will best benefit (4) (=leur entreprise).

Job Analysis

(5) (HIRE) is of key importance to (6) overall (7) (=la productivité ) of (8) (=canadiennes) businesses. A well put together job description is a (9) (opposite of 'bad') business investment because it can be (10) (USE) to support (11) (=la plupart) HR functions: (12) (=recrutement), (13) , (SELECT) orientation, (14) (=formation), work plans, (15) (COMPENSATE), (16) (PERFORM) reviews and legal defence. Job descriptions (17) (=explique) the key (18) (RESPONSIBLE) of the actual position, reporting relationships and work environment. The first step in writing or rewriting job descriptions is job analysis. Job (19) (ANALYSE) is an in-depth study of a job. It provides (20) (INFORM) for job descriptions. In (21) (DO) the analysis, you or an employee will (22) (=réunir de l'information) about jobs through (23) (INTERVIEW) employees, (24) (OBSERVE) performance of certain tasks, asking employees to (25) out (=remplir) questionnaires and worksheets, and (26) (COLLECT) information about a job (27) (=de sources secondaires) such (28) the (29) (NATION) Occupational (30) (CLASSIFY) (NOC) system.