DECEMBER 2015 (2) Exercise by Michael A. Riccioli

Text Recreation Exercise

   a      a      an      an      and      and      and      and      be      by      do      do      for      In      in      is      job      of      of      of      of      of      of      on      or      the      the      to      to      What  
Step 1: Understand the job

Start (1) developing (2) complete understanding (3) the position. This is (4) foundation (5) which hiring (6) based. (7) conducting your analysis, consider:

All of (8) duties and responsibilities (9) the position
Their scope (10) level
The context (11) which these are to (12) performed
The amount (13) responsibility, authority (14) accountability required (15) perform the work
The major (16) minor activities

Step 2: Identify Performance Behaviours

Next, identify examples (17) behaviour that you would use (18) evaluate the quality (19) the work. Identify examples (20) both effective (21) ineffective behaviours. To (22) this, ask yourself:

(23) are the performance expectations (24) superior performance?
How (25) you know someone is doing (26) excellent, satisfactory (27) poor job?
How does it look when (28) high performer is doing (29) excellent job or when a poor performer is doing an unsatisfactory (30)?