Match the Meanings and the Words Exercise by Michael A. Riccioli (2013)

Match each pair, and then click the Check button.
sell and send goods to another country [OALD]; To send data from one program to another [The Free Dictionary] to export
the selling and transporting of good to another country [OALD] export (noun)
a product that is sold to another country [OALD] exports (noun) (usually plural)
the process of sending goods to another country for sales [OALD] The act of exporting; Something exported; an export [The Free Dictionary] ; an exported product or service (Chiefly US) [The Free Dictionary] exportation
a person, company or country that sells goods to another country [OALD] exporter
they sell their goods to people in other countries exporters
past participle of ‘export’ exported
suitable for export [The Free Dictionary] the quality of being exportable [Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (SOED)] exportable
not suitable for export [The Free Dictionary] unexportable
present participle of ‘export’ exporting
The property of being exportable (Wiktionary) exportability