ACADEMIC WORDS - 'Export' (3)
Exercise by Michael A. Riccioli (2013)

Gap-filling exercise

   export      export      exportability      exportable      exportable      exported      exporters      exports      exports      to export  
1. ... to buy Soviet commodities such as caviar, gold and diamonds for sale abroad for hard currency.
2. From its it can earn foreign currency, and begin to pay off its huge debts.
3. He pledged more help for British companies their goods and take advantage of the falling value of the pound abroad.
4. The illiterate, inarticulate businessman, the type, the survivor!
5. It also regulated, amongst the British wine-shippers, the price of wines for .
6. Commodity , including the United States, benefited from the boom.
7. While imports increased, did not flourish sufficiently to fill the growing gap.
8. "To increase the of native goods." J. P. Peters.
9. The breed is quite widely , especially to the USA, the USSR and New Zealand.
10. Charles II's protectionist policies which were embodied in an Act of 1665 banning the of European goods to the English colonies.