ACADEMIC WORDS - 'Export' (4)
Exercise by Michael A. Riccioli (2013)

Gap-filling exercise

   export      exportability      exportation      exported      exported      exporting      exports      exports      to export  
21. The of products which are safe and healthy in one cultural environment but poisonous in another.
22. In the recent past, many thousands of these animals were for the pet trade.
23. It is the policy of the Government to encourage our and to congratulate them.
24. The Greeks were not slow in taking to the sea and Hellenic culture around the Mediterranean basin.
25. We used to export vodka -- now it's footballers.
26. Wiki pages can be in a special XML format to import into another MediaWiki installation
27. As a result of the limited increase in most governments will continue to experience serious balance of payments difficulties.
28. Our since 1983 have increased faster than France, Germany and America.
29. It tends to be to be for local production rather than for .
30. To assess the of our program, we used a standard model of program evaluation for VIPs promoted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.