ACADEMIC WORDS - 'Export' (5)
Exercise by Michael A. Riccioli (2013)

Gap-filling exercise

31. Britain needed to nearly one-third of her output to pay for essential imports
32. The Brazilian government helps facilitate the of the national culture, a trend that is likely to continue.
33. There had also been progress in compiling the common list of products, which had grown from three hundred and twelve items in 1987 to more than seven hundred.
34. Net of capital goods doubled between 1972 and 1974.
35. As an , you retain control of the goods until the importer has paid.
36. In theory the can present the letter to the bank for payment at the end of 12 months.
37. Indonesia has large industries, recently developed in the country, and are large quantities to saw mills (...).
38. What is underlined throughout the book is the nature of the author’s style.
39. It may be that the USSR oil surplus did peak in 1980.
40. In 1953 it five times as many manufactures as Germany and 17 times as many as Japan.