Gap-filling exercise

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41. They are now saw wood and ply wood.
42. The authors investigated the factors that affected the of their films released from 1996 to 2002.
43. We insisted that we should retain our power to stop the of live horses.
44. Their milk seems due to the BST.
45.’Importing and ’ : This guide is also available electronically.
46. Our company is now Britain's largest of cars.
47. Waste are now seeking less sensitive areas.
48. “I hereby prescribe the following additional regulations governing the of the articles and materials named in Proclamations No. 2413 of July 2, 1940.” (FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT)
49. He told to be aggressive --' and not too gentlemanly' -- in promoting home-grown products ...
50. Italian merchants could secure licences to wool either by land or by sea through the Straits of Gibraltar