by Henry Ford (1922)
In Collaboration With Samuel Crowther

We ha only sta on o development o our coun have n as y , with a our ta of wond progress, do more th scratch t surface. The progress h been wond enoughbut wh we com what w have do with wh there i to d , then o past accompl are a nothing. When we cons that mo power i used mer in plou the so than i used i all t industrial establi of t country p together, a inkling co of h much oppor there i ahead. And now, wi so ma countries o the wo in fer and wi so mu unrest ev where, i an exce time t suggest some of t things th may b done i the li of wh has be done.

When o speaks o increasing po , machinery, a industry th comes u a pic of a cold, meta sort o world i which gr factories wi drive aw the tr , the flo , the bi , and t green fie . And th then w shall ha a wo composed o metal mach and hu machines. With all o that I do n agree. I think th unless w know mo about mach and th use, unl we bet understand t mechanical por of li , we can have t time t enjoy t trees, a the bi , and t flowers, a the gr fields.

I th that w have alr done t much tow banishing t pleasant thi from li by thin that th is so opposition bet living a providing t means o living. We waste s much ti and ene that w have lit left ov in wh to en ourselves.

Power a machinery, mo and go , are use only a they s us fr to li . They a but me to a end. For instance, I do n consider t machines wh bear m name sim as mach . If th was a there w to i I wo do some else. I take th as conc evidence o the wor out o a the of busi , which I hope i something mo than a theory o businessa the that lo toward mak this wo a bet place i which t live. The fact th the comme success o the Ford Motor Company has be most unu is impo only bec it ser to demon , in a way wh no o can fa to under , that t theory t date i right. Considered solely i this li I c criticize t prevailing sys of indu and t organization o money a society fr the stand of o who h not be beaten b them. As things a now orga , I co , were I thinking on selfishly, a for n change. If I mer want mo the pre system i all ri ; it gi money i plenty t me. But I a thinking o service. The present sys does n permit o the be service bec it encou every ki of was keeps ma men fr getting t full ret from ser . And i is go nowhere. It is a a mat of bet planning a adjustment.


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