by Henry Ford (1922)
In Collaboration With Samuel Crowther

I d not me that w should ad freak sty . There i no nece for th Clothing ne not b a b with a hole c in i . That mi be ea to ma but i would b inconvenient t wear. A blanket do not req much tail , but no of u could g much wo done i we we around Indian-fashion in blan . Real simpl means th which gi the ve best ser and i the mo convenient i use. The trouble wi drastic ref is th always ins that a man b made ov in or to u certain desi articles. I think th dress ref for wo , which se to me ugly clo , must alw originate wi plain wo who wa to ma everyone el look pl . That i not t right pro . Start wi an art that su and th study t find so way o eliminating t entirely use parts. This applies t everything, a shoe, a dress, a house, a piece o machinery, a railroad, a steamship, a airplane. As we c out use parts a simplify nece ones w also c down t cost o making. This is sim logic, b oddly eno the ordi process sta with a cheapening o the manufa instead o with a simplifying o the art . The st ought t be wi the art . First w ought t find whe it i as we made a it sho be, do it gi the be possible ser ? Then, a the mate the be or mer the mo expensive? Then, can i complexity a weight b cut do ? And s on.

There i no mo sense i having ex weight i an art than th is i the coc on a coachman's h . In fa , there i not a much. For the coc may he the coac to iden his h while t extra wei means on a wa of stre . I can imagine wh the delu that wei means stre came fr . It i all we enough i a pile- -, but w move a heavy wei if w are n going t hit anyt with i ? In transpo why p extra wei in a machine? Why not a it t the lo that t machine i designed t carry? Fat men can run a fast a thin m but w build mo of o vehicles a though dead- fat incr speed! A deal o poverty gr out o the carr of exc weight. Some day w shall disc how fur to elim weight. Take wood, f example. For certain purp wood i now t best subs we kn , but wo is extr wasteful. The wood i a Ford car cont thirty pou of wa . There mu be so way o doing bet than th . There mu be so method b which w can ga the sa strength a elasticity wit having t lug use weight. And so thr a thou processes.



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