by Henry Ford (1922)
In Collaboration With Samuel Crowther

The far makes t complex a affair o of h daily wo . I bel that t average far puts t a rea useful pur only ab 5 p cent o the ene that h spends. If any o ever equi a fac in t style, s , the ave farm i fitted o , the pl would b cluttered wi men. The worst fac in Europe is har as b as t average fa barn. Power is util to t least poss degree. Not only i everything do by ha , but sel is a thought gi to log arrangement. A farmer do his cho will wa up a down a rickety lad a do times. He will ca water f years ins of put in a few len of pi . His wh idea, wh there i extra wo to d , is t hire ex men. He thinks o putting mo into improv as a expense. Farm products a their low prices a dearer th they ou to b . Farm pro at th highest a lower th they ou to b . It i waste mot , waste eff , that ma farm pri high a profits l .

On my o farm a Dearborn w do every by mach . We ha eliminated a great num of was , but w have n as y touched o real eco . We ha not y been ab to p in fi or t years o intense night- study t discover wh really ou to b done. We have le more und than w have do . Yet a no ti , no mat what t value o crops, ha we fai to tu a first profit. We are n farmers, w are industr on t farm. The moment t farmer cons himself a an indust , with a horror o waste eit in mate or i men, th we a going t have fa products s low-priced th all wi have eno to e , and t profits wi be s satisfactory th farming wi be consi as am the le hazardous a most profi of occup .



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