by Henry Ford (1922)
In Collaboration With Samuel Crowther

The prin part o a chi is t cutting ed . If th is a single prin on wh our busi rests i is th . It ma no diffe how fin made a chisel i or wh splendid st it h in i or h well i is forg it h no cut edge i is n a chi . It i just a piece o metal. All of wh being trans means th it i what a thing do , not wh it i supposed t do, th matters. What is t use o putting a tremendous fo behind a blunt chi if a light bl on a sharp chi will d the wo ? The chi is th to c , not t be hamm . The hamm is on incidental t the j . So i we wa to wo why n concentrate o the wo and d it i the quic possible fas ? The cut edge o merchandising i the po where t product tou the cons . An unsatis product i one th has a dull cut edge. A lot o waste eff is nee to p it thr . The cut edge o a fac is t man a the mac on t job. If the m is n right t machine can be; i the mac is n right t man can be. For any o to b required t use mo force th is absol necessary f the j in ha is wa .



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