by Henry Ford (1922)
In Collaboration With Samuel Crowther

Russia could n get al without intell and exper . As so as s began t run h factories b committees, th went t rack a ruin; th was mo debate th production. As soon a they th out t skilled m , thousands o tons o precious mate were spo . The fana talked t people in starvation. The Soviets a now offe the engi , the adminis , the for and superin , whom a first th drove o , large su of mo if on they wi come ba . Bolshevism i now cry for t brains a experience wh it yest treated s ruthlessly. All that "ref " did t Russia w to bl production.

There i in th country a sinister ele that des to cr in bet the m who wo with th hands a the m who th and pl for t men w work wi their ha . The sa influence th drove t brains, exper , and abi out o Russia i busily eng in rai prejudice he . We mu not suf the stra , the dest , the ha of ha humanity, t divide o people. In unity i American stren freedom. On the ot hand, w have a different ki of refo who ne calls him one. He is singu like t radical refo . The rad has h no exper and do not wa it. The other cl of refo has h plenty o experience b it do him n good. I refer t the reactio will b surprised t find him put i exactly t same cl as t Bolshevist. He wants t go ba to so previous cond , not bec it w the be condition, b because h thinks h knows ab that cond .

The one cr wants t smash u the wh world i order t make a better o . The ot holds t world a so go that i might we be l stand a it is decay. The second not arises a does t firstout o not us the ey to s with. It is perf possible t smash th world, b it i not poss to bu a n one. It is poss to pre the wo from go forward, b it i not poss then t prevent i from go backfrom deca . It i foolish t expect th , if every be overt , everyone wi thereby g three me a d . Or, sho everything b petrified, th thereby s per ce , interest m be pa . The tro is th reformers a reactionaries al get aw from t realitiesfrom t primary func .



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