by Henry Ford (1922)
In Collaboration With Samuel Crowther

One o the coun of cau is t be ve certain th we d not mis a react turn f a ret of com sense. We have pas through a period o fireworks o every descr , and t making o a gr many ideal maps o progress. We did n get anyw . It w a conve , not a march. Lovely things we said, b when w got ho we fo the fur out. Reactionaries have frequ taken adva of t recoil fr such a period, a they ha promised "t good o timeswhich usu means t bad o abusesand bec they a perfectly vo of vis they a sometimes rega as "prac men." Their return t power i often hai as t return o common se .

The primary func are agric , manufacture, a transportation. Community life i impossible wit them. They hold t world toge . Raising thi , making thi , and ear things a as prim as hu need a yet a modern a anything c be. They are o the ess of phys life. When they ce , community li ceases. Things do g out o shape i this pre world un the pre system, b we m hope f a bette if t foundations st sure. The great delu is th one m change t foundationusurp t part o destiny i the soc process. The foundations o society a the m and me to gr things, t make thi , and t carry thi . As lo as agric , manufacture, a transportation sur , the wo can sur any econ or soc change. As we se our jo we se the wo .

There is ple of wo to d . Business i merely wo . Speculation i things alr producedthat i not busi . It i just mo or le respectable gr . But i cannot b legislated o of exis . Laws c do ve little. Law never do anything constr . It c never b more th a poli , and s it i a wa of ti to lo to o state capi or t Washington t do th which l was n designed t do. As long a we lo to legis to cu poverty o to abo special priv we a going t see pov spread a special priv grow. We have h enough o looking t Washington a we ha had eno of legisla so mu , however, i this a in ot countriespromising la to d that wh laws can do.



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