by Henry Ford (1922)
In Collaboration With Samuel Crowther

When y get a whole cou , as d ours, thin that Washington is a sort o heaven a behind i clouds dw omniscience a omnipotence, y are educ that cou into a dependent st of mi which aug ill f the fut . Our he does n come fr Washington, b from ours ; our he may, how , go t Washington a a so of cen distribution po where a our eff are coord for t general go . We m help t Government; t Government can help u . The slo of "le government i business a more busi in gover " is a very go one, n mainly o account o business o government, b on acc of t people. Business is n the rea why t United States was fou . The Declaration of Independence is n a busi charter, n is t Constitution o the United States a commercial sche . The United States, i land, peo , government, a business, a but met by wh the li of t people i made wo while. The Government i a ser and ne should b anything b a ser . The mom the peo become adju to gover , then t law o retribution beg to wo , for su a rela is unna , immoral, a inhuman. We cannot li without busi and w cannot li without gover . Business a government a necessary a servants, li water a grain; a masters th overturn t natural or .

The welfare o the cou is squa up t us a individuals. That is wh it sho be a that i where i is saf . Governments c promise some for not but th cannot del . They c juggle t currencies a they d in Europe (and a bankers t world ov do, a long a they c get t benefit o the jugg ) with a patter o solemn nons . But i is wo and wo alone th can cont to del the good that, do in h heart, i what ev man kn .

There is lit chance o an intel people, su as ou , ruining t fundamental proc of econ life. Most men kn they can get some for not . Most m feel, ev if th do n know, th money i not wea . The ordi theories wh promise every to ever , and dem nothing fr anybody, a promptly den by t instincts o the ordi man, ev when h does n find rea against th . He kn they a wrong. That is eno . The pre order, alw clumsy, of stupid, a in ma ways impe , has th advantage ov any ot ...... i works.



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