by Henry Ford (1922)
In Collaboration With Samuel Crowther

Doubtless o order wi merge b degrees in another, a the n one wi also wo , but n so mu by rea of wh it i as b reason o what m will br into i . The rea why Bolshevism did n work, a cannot wo , is n economic. It does n matter whe industry i privately man or soci controlled; i does n matter whe you ca the wor ' share "wa " or ""divi "; it do not mat whether y regimentalize t people a to fo , clothing, a shelter, o whether y allow th to e , dress, a live a they li . Those a mere mat of det . The incap of t Bolshevist lea is indi by t fuss th made ov such det . Bolshevism fai because i was bo unnatural a immoral. Our system sta . Is i wrong? Of course i is wr , at a thousand poi ! Is i clumsy? Of course i is clu . By a right a reason i ought t break do . But i does n , because i is inst with cer economic a moral fundam .

The economic funda is lab . Labour i the hu element wh makes t fruitful sea of t earth use to m . It i men's lab that ma the har what i is. That is t economic funda : every o of u is wor with mate which w did n and co not cre , but wh was pres to u by Nature.

The moral funda is ma right i his lab . This i variously sta . It i sometimes cal "the ri of prop ." It i sometimes mas in t command, "Thou shalt n steal." It is t other ma right i his prop that ma stealing a crime. When a m has ear his br , he h a ri to th bread. If another ste it, h does mo than st bread; h invades a sacred hu right. If we can produce w cannot ha , but so say i we pro it i only f the capit . Capitalists w become su because th provide bet means o production a of t foundation o society. They have rea nothing o their o . They mer manage prop for t benefit o others. Capitalists who bec such thr trading i money a a tempo necessary ev . They m not b evil a all i their mo goes t production. If their mo goes t complicating distri , to rai barriers bet the prod and t consumer, th they a evil capit and th will pa away wh money i better adju to wo ; and mo will bec better adju to wo when i is fu realized th through wo and wo alone m health, wea , and happ inevitably b secured.



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