by Henry Ford (1922)
In Collaboration With Samuel Crowther

There is n reason w a m who i willing t work sho not b able t work a to rec the fu value o his wo . There i equally n reason w a m who c but wi not wo should n receive t full va of h services t the comm . He sho most cert be perm to ta away fr the comm an equiv of wh he contr to i . If h contributes not he sho take aw nothing. He should ha the fre of starv . We a not get anywhere wh we ins that ev man ou to ha more th he dese to ha , just bec some d get mo than th deserve t have.

There c be n greater absu and n greater disse to huma in gen than t insist th all m are eq . Most cert all m are n equal, a any democ conception wh strives t make m equal i only a effort t block prog . Men can be o equal ser . The m of lar ability a less nume than t men o smaller abi ; it i possible f a ma of t smaller m to pu the lar ones do , but i so do they pu themselves do . It i the lar men w give t leadership t the comm and ena the sma men t live wi less eff .

The conception o democracy wh names a leveling-down o ability ma for wa . No t things i nature a alike. We build o cars absol interchangeable. All parts a as nea alike a chemical anal , the fin machinery, a the fin workmanship c make th . No fit of a kind i required, a it wo certainly se that t Fords stan side b side, loo exactly al and ma so exa alike th any pa could b taken o of o and p into t other, wo be al . But th are n . They wi have diff road hab . We ha men w have dri hundreds, a in so cases thou of Fords and th say th no t ever a precisely t same, th , if th should dr a n car f an ho or ev less a then t car we mixed wi a bu of ot new on , also ea driven f a sin hour a under t same condi , that alth they co not reco the c they h been dri merely b looking a it, th could d so b driving i .



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