by Henry Ford (1922)
In Collaboration With Samuel Crowther

I ha been spea in gen terms. Let us b more conc . A m ought t be ab to li on a scale commen with t service th he ren . This i rather a good ti to ta about th point, f we ha recently be through a period wh the rend of ser was t last th that mo people tho of. We were get to a place wh no o cared ab costs o service. Orders came wit effort. Whereas once i was t customer w favored t merchant b dealing wi him, condi changed un it w the merc who fav the cust by sel to h . That i bad f business. Monopoly is b for busi . Profiteering i bad f business. The lack o necessity t hustle i bad f business. Business is ne as hea as wh , like a chicken, i must d a cer amount o scratching f what i gets. Things were com too eas . There w a let- of t principle th an hon relation ou to obt between val and pri . The pub no lon had t be "cat to." There was ev a "pub be dam " attitude i many pla . It w intensely b for busi . Some m called th abnormal cond ".prosperity." It was n prosperity, i was ju a need money ch . Money cha is n business.

It i very ea , unless o keeps a plan thoro in mi , to g burdened wi money a then, i an eff to ma more mo , to for all ab selling t the peo what th want. Business on a money-making ba is mo insecure. It is a touch-and-go aff , moving irreg and rar over a term o years amou to mu . It i the func of busi to pro for consu and n for mo or specu . Producing f consumption imp that t quality o the art produced wi be hi and th the pr will b low, th the art be o which ser the peo and n merely t producer. If the mo feature i twisted o of i proper persp , then t production wi be twi to se the prod .



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