by Henry Ford (1922)
In Collaboration With Samuel Crowther

The prod depends f his prosp upon ser the peo . He m get b for a while ser himself, b if h does, i will b purely accid , and wh the peo wake u to t fact th they a not be served, t end o that prod is i sight. During the bo period t larger eff of produ was t serve its and he , the mom the peo woke u , many prod went t smash. They said th they h entered in a "per of depre ." Really th had n . They we simply try to p nonsense aga sense wh is some that can successfully b done. Being greedy f money i the sur way n to g it, b when o serves f the sa of ser , for t satisfaction o doing th which o believes t be ri , then mo abundantly ta care o itself.

Money co naturally a the res of ser . And i is absol necessary t have mo . But w do n want t forget th the e of mo is n ease b the oppor to per more ser . In m mind not is mo abhorrent th a li of ea . None o us h any ri to ea . There i no pl in civili for t idler. Any scheme loo to aboli money i only mak affairs mo complex, f we mu have a measure. That our pre system o money i a satisf basis f exchange i a mat of gr doubt. That is a question wh I sh talk o in a subsequent cha . The gi of m objection t the pre monetary sys is th it te to bec a th of its and t block ins of facil production.

My eff is i the dire of simpl . People i general ha so lit and i costs s much t buy ev the bar necessities (l alone th share o the luxu to wh I th everyone i entitled) bec nearly every that w make i much mo complex th it ne to b . Our clot , our fo , our hous furnishingsall co be mu simpler th they n are a at t same ti be bet looking. Things in pa ages we made i certain wa and mak since th have ju followed.



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