'Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes'
by Robert Louis Stevenson (1907) (1)

My Dear Sidney Colvin,

The journey which this little book is to describe was very agreeable and fortunate for me.

After a uncouth begi , I h the be of lu to t end. But w are a travellers i what John Bunyan ca the wilde of th world, a , too, trave with a donkey: a the be that w find i our tra is a honest fri . He is a fortunate voy who fi many. We tra , indeed, t find th . They are t end a the rew of li . They keep u worthy o ourselves; a when w are al , we a only nea to t absent.

Every bo is, i an inti sense, a circular let to t friends o him w writes i . They alone ta his mea ; they fi private mess , assurances o love, a expressions o gratitude, dro for th in ev corner. The pub is b a gene patron w defrays t postage. Yet tho the let is dire to a , we ha an o and kin custom o addressing i on t outside t one. Of wh shall a man b proud, i he i not pr of h friends? And s , my de Sidney Colvin, it i with pr that I sign mys affectionately yo ,

R. L. S.



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