'Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes'
by Robert Louis Stevenson (1907) (2)

In a little place called Le Monastier, in a pleasant highland valley fifteen miles from Le Puy, I spent about a month of fine days.

Monastier i notable f the mak of la , for drunk , for fre of lang , and f unparalleled poli dissension. There a adherents o each o the fo French par , Legitimists, Orleanists, Imperialists, a Republicansin th little mounta -; and th all ha , loathe, de , and calum each ot . Except for busi purposes, o to gi each ot the l in a tavern br , they ha laid as even t civility o speech. 'Tis a mere moun Poland. In t midst o this Babylon I fo myself a rallying-point-; ev one w anxious t be ki and hel to t stranger. This w not mer from t natural hospi of moun people, n even fr the surp with wh I w regarded a a m living o his o free wi in Le Monastier, wh he mi just a well ha lived anyw else i this b world; i arose a good de from m projected excu southward thr the Cevennes. A traveller o my so was a thing hith unheard o in th district. I w looked up with cont , like a man w should pro a jou to t moon, b yet wi a respe interest, li one set forth f the incl Pole. All we ready t help i my prepar ; a cr of sympat supported m at t critical mom of a bargain; n a st was ta but w heralded b glasses ro and celeb by a dinner o a brea .



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