'Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes'
by Robert Louis Stevenson (1907) (3)

It was already hard upon October before I was ready to set forth, and at the high altitudes over which my road lay there was no Indian summer to be looked for.

I w determined, i not t camp o , at le to ha the me of cam out i my posse ; for th is not more hara to a easy mi than t necessity o reaching she by du , and t hospitality o a vil inn i not alw to b reckoned su by th who tru on fo . A tent, ab all f a soli traveller, i troublesome t pitch, a troublesome t strike ag ; and ev on t march i forms a conspicuous fea in yo baggage. A sleepi -, on t other ha , is alw readyyou ha only t get in it; i serves a double purp bed b night, a portmanteau b day; a it do not adve your inte of cam out t every cur passer-by-. This i a hu point. If a camp i not sec , it i but a troubled restin -; you bec a pub character; t convivial rus visits yo bedside af an ea supper; a you mu sleep wi one e open, a be u before t day. I dec on a sleeping-sack-; a after repe visits t Le Puy, and a deal o high liv for mys and m advisers, a sleeping-sack w designed, const , and triump brought ho .

This child o my inve was nea six fe square, excl of t triangular fl to se as a pillow b night a as t top a bottom o the sa by d . I call i 'the sa ,' but i was ne a sa by mo than cour : only a sort o long ro or sau , green water cart-cloth wit and bl sheeps f within. It w commodious a a val , warm a dry f a b . There was luxu turning ro for o ; and a a pi the th might se for t . I could bu myself i it u to t neck; f my he I tru to a fur c , with a hood t fold do over m ears a a ba to pa under m nose li a respi ; and i case o heavy ra I prop to ma myself a little te , or ten , with m waterproof co , three sto , and a bent bra .



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