'Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes'
by Robert Louis Stevenson (1907) (4)

It will readily be conceived that I could not carry this huge package on my own, merely human, shoulders.

It rema to cho a be of bur . Now, a ho is a fine la among ani , flighty, ti , delicate i eating, o tender hea ; he i too valu and t restive t be le alone, s that y are cha to yo brute a to a fellow galley -; a dang road pu him o of h wits; i short, h an unce and exac ally, a adds thirt to t troubles o the voy . What I requ was some cheap a small a hardy, a of a stolid a peaceful tem ; and a these requi pointed t a don .

There dwelt a old m in Monastier, of rat unsound inte according t some, mu followed b street-boys-, a known t fame a Father Adam. Father Adam h a ca , and t draw t cart a diminutive she -, not mu bigger th a d , the col of a mouse, wi a kin eye a a deter under-jaw-. There w something ne and high -, a quak elegance, ab the ro that h my fa on t spot. Our fi interview w in Monastier market-place-. To pr her go temper, o child af another w set up her ba to ri , and o after ano went he over he into t air; un a wa of confi began t reign i youthful bos , and t experiment w discontinued fr a dea of subj . I was alr backed b a deput of m friends; b as i this we not eno , all t buyers a sellers ca round a helped m in t bargain; a the a and I and Father Adam we the cen of a hubbub f near ha an ho . At length s passed in my ser for t consideration o sixty-five fra and a glass o brandy. The sa had alr cost eig francs a two gla of be ; so th Modestine, a I inst baptized h , was up all acco the che article. Indeed, th was a it sho be; f she w only a appurtenance o my matt , or self- bedstead o four cas .



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