'Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes'
by Robert Louis Stevenson (1907) (5)

I had a last interview with Father Adam in a billiard-room at the witching hour of dawn, when I administered the brandy.

He prof himself gre touched b the separ , and decl he h often bou white br for t donkey wh he h been con with bl bread f himself; b this, acco to t best autho , must ha been a flight o fancy. He h a na in t village f brutally misu the a ; yet i is cer that h shed a tear, a the te made a clean ma down o cheek.

By t advice o a falla local sad , a lea pad w made f me wi rings t fasten o my bun ; and I thoughtfully comp my k and arra my toil . By way o armoury a utensils, I took a revolver, a little spiri and p , a lan and so halfpenny can , a jack- and a large lea flask. The ma cargo cons of t entire cha of wa clothingbesides m travelling we of cou velveteen, pilot -, and kni spencersome bo , and m railway-rug-, wh , being al in t form o a b , made m a dou castle f cold nig . The permanent lar was repre by ca of choc and ti of Bologna sausage. All th , except wh I car about m person, w easily sto into t sheepskin b ; and b good for I th in m empty knap , rather f convenience o carriage th from a thought th I sho want i on m journey. For mo immediate ne I to a l of co mutton, a bottle o Beaujolais, a empty bot to ca milk, a egg-beater-, a a consid quantity o black br and wh , like Father Adam, f myself a donkey, on in m scheme o things t destinations we reversed.

Monastrians, o all sha of tho in poli , had agr in threa me wi many ludi misadventures, a with sud death i many surpr forms. Cold, wol , robbers, ab all t nocturnal prac joker, we daily a eloquently for on m attention. Yet i these vatici , the tr , patent dan was le out. Like Christian, it w from m pack I suffered b the w . Before telling m own mis , let m in t words rel the les of m experience. If t pack i well stra at t ends, a hung a full leng doubled, f your lifea the pack- -, the trav is sa . The saddle wi certainly n fit, su is t imperfection o our trans life; i will assu topple a tend t overset; b there a stones o every road , and a man so learns t art o correcting a tendency t overbalance wi a well-a stone.



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