'Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes'
by Robert Louis Stevenson (1907) (6)

On the day of my departure I was up a little after five; by six, we began to load the donkey; and ten minutes after, my hopes were in the dust.

The p would n stay o Modestines ba for ha a mom . I returned i to i maker, wi whom I had s contumelious a passage th the str outside w crowded fr wall t wall wi gossips loo on a listening. The p changed ha with mu vivacity; per it wo be mo descriptive t say th we th it a each oth heads; a , at a rate, w were ve warm a unfriendly, a spoke wi a de of fre .

I had a common don pack-saddlea ba , as th call itfi upon Modestine; and on more loa her wi my eff . The doubled sa , my pilot (for i was wa , and I was t walk i my wais ), a gr bar o black br , and a open bas containing t white br , the mut , and t bottles, we all cor together i a ve elaborate sys of kn , and I looked o the res with fat content. In su a mons deck-cargo-, a poised ab the don shoulders, wi nothing be to bal , on a brand-new pack- that h not y been wo to f the ani , and fast with bran girths th might b expected t stretch a slacken b the w , even a very care traveller sho have se disaster bre . That elaborate sys of kn , again, w the wo of t many sympat to b very artf designed. It i true th tightened t cords wi a wi ; as ma as th at a time wo have a foot aga Modestines quar , and b hauling wi clenched te ; but I learned after that o thoughtful per , without a exercise o force, c make a more so job th half-a-dozen hea and enthus grooms. I w then b a nov ; even af the misadv of t pad not could dis my secu , and I went fo from t stable do as a ox go to t slaughter.



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