Mornings in the College Chapel—Short Addresses to Young Men on Personal Religion by Francis Greenwood Peabody (The Riverside Press, Cambridge Copyright, 1896)

Sentence endings

John xix. 30.


And that is what any man must set before him as the test and the You cannot say to yourself: “I will live until I am seventy, I will accomplish certain things, and will for the greatest and oldest of men when they look back on their lives see in them only a fragment of what they once dreamed that they {165} But you can design your life, not according to quantitative completeness, but according It may be long or short, but in either case it may be of It may be carved out of pure marble with an artist's hand, and then, whether the whole of it remains to be a thing of beauty or whether it is broken off, like a fragment of its full design, it You give back your life to God who gave it, perhaps in ripe old age, perhaps, as your Master did, at thirty-three, “I have accomplished, not what I should like to have done, but what Thou hast I have done It is finished. Father, into thy hands