Mornings in the College Chapel—Short Addresses to Young Men on Personal Religion by Francis Greenwood Peabody (The Riverside Press, Cambridge Copyright, 1896)

Gap-filling Exercise

Luke xxii. 39-48.

What should we pray ? Why, we should pray for what we most want. There is no sincerity in praying for things which are fictitious or abstract or mere blessings. Open to God the of your heart and seek the blessings which you sincerely . But in all prayers desire most to know the will of God toward you, and to do it. Prayer is not to deflect God's will to yours, but to adjust your will to His. When a ship's captain is setting out on a {158} voyage he first of all adjusts his compasses, their divergence, and the influences which draw the needle from the pole. Well, that is prayer. It is the of the compass of the soul, it is its from deflection, it is the pointing of it to the will of God. And the soul which thus forth into the sea of life finds itself—not indeed freed from all of the spirit, but at least sure of its direction through them all.