Mornings in the College Chapel—Short Addresses to Young Men on Personal Religion by Francis Greenwood Peabody (The Riverside Press, Cambridge Copyright, 1896)

Gap-filling Exercise

Luke xx. 19-38.


Yet there are questions of much this nature still asked of Jesus. Some honest are still insisting that Christ's religion is a of theology, and some are trying to make of it a course in science, and neither of them seem to notice that the last day of general teaching which was permitted to him on earth was largely devoted to demonstrating that he was neither a social nor a theological . Christianity is not a scheme or arrangement, social or theological, like a railway which men might build either to accelerate the business of life or to take one straight heaven. Christianity provides that which all such mechanism needs. It is a power, like that electric which makes the equipment of a railway move. A church is a power-house for the {153} development and the transmission of the power that makes things go. Cut the power, and the theological creeds and social programmes of the day stand there paralyzed or dead. Communicate to them the dynamic of the Christian , and the power goes singing over all the wires of life and sets its mechanism in , as though it sang upon its way: “I am come that these may have my life, and may have it abundantly.”