Mornings in the College Chapel—Short Addresses to Young Men on Personal Religion by Francis Greenwood Peabody (The Riverside Press, Cambridge Copyright, 1896)

Gap-filling Exercise



We have traced from day day the of Jesus through the earlier days of its last week, its of Sunday, its of Monday, its of Tuesday. On each of these days Jesus has come over the hill from Bethany into the city, and has returned to the village night. And now we come to the last day the Passover and the betrayal; the last chance to meet his enemies and to his cause. What then does Jesus do on this last Wednesday of his ? So far as we know, he does nothing at all. It is a day record. There is no New Testament from which I can read about it. He appears to have stayed at Bethany, perhaps his friends, perhaps for a part of the day alone. His work was done, and he used this last day for quiet .
What self-control and reserve are here! How would one of us have been inclined to conduct himself, if he found himself with just {155} one more day for service? “