'Easter' Homily (Part I) by Friar Rick Riccioli, OFM Conv 19 April 2014

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I was recently on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It was my fourth time there and my third as a leader.
One of the things you learn early about the Holy Land 
is that there is a difference between a pilgrim and a tourist. Tourists invariably come in very large groups,

are always trying to cram way too much into a day and are usually more concerned 
about the camera shot 

and checking another place off their “bucket list”. Pilgrims on the other hand
 tend to journey with smaller groups of people,

are often found praying at sacred places
 and are there to not only see the site, but to experience its meaning in their lives.
but to experience its meaning in their lives. was recounted to me by a friend of mine
who leads pilgrimages on a regular basis. She was waiting in line with her group of pilgrims
to gain access into the Holy Sepluchre in Jerusalem. This is the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest.
A group of tourists came by and they seemed unsure whether it was worth waiting in line to go in.
The tourists asked my friend: “Is there anything worth seeing in there?”

to which she responded “No, there's nothing to see in there. It's empty!”