Gapfill exercise

Exercise generated with *Gerry's Vocabulary Teacher* (Michael A. Riccioli - 2012)
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Gap-filling Exercise

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  1. What exactly is the [] of his complaint?
  2. Dong-Mi presented a gift to the secretary on [] of the office staff.
  3. The President has issued a statement thanking the British people on [] of the American government.
  4. People living in some countries do not even have access to the [] necessities of life.
  5. We have a [] of volunteers that need to be trained before the festival begins.
  6. I would like to thank you on [] of myself and my colleagues.
  7. Remembrance Day is a day to remember the veterans who have fought on [] of Great Britain in various wars.
  8. Your mother just baked a big [] of biscuits to take on our camping trip.
  9. He [] his partner for a controlling interest in the company.
  10. Hundreds of British and Argentine soldiers lost their lives in the [] for control of the Falklands Islands.
  11. The shop was all out of computer paper, but they're waiting for a [] to come in sometime this week.
  12. There's a whole new [] of students arriving this afternoon from Mainland China.
  13. James spoke on our [] at negotiations with management last week.
  14. My neighbour planted a [] of bulbs in her garden, and they are just starting to grow.
  15. Hundreds of soldiers were killed in the [].
  16. Community colleges generally teach [] survival skills to immigrants in their ESL classes.
  17. Our good friend and colleague, Henry Thompson, lost his [] against AIDS this past weekend.
  18. Freedom of speech is a [] right which cannot be ignored.
  19. Firefighters are [] to save the town from the forest fire coming towards it.
  20. We have staff meetings on a regular [].