Gapfill exercise

Exercise generated with *Gerry's Vocabulary Teacher* (Michael A. Riccioli - 2012)
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Gap-filling Exercise

   block      blockage      blocked      blocks      Blocks      blunt      blunt      blunt      blunted      bluntness      boast      boast      boasted      boastful      boasts      bold      bold      boldly      boldness      emboldens  
  1. Never [] of your achievements; it is important to remain modest.
  2. Domestic manufacturers have asked the government to [] the import of low-cost shoes from China.
  3. His [] in business has won him lots of money, but cost him lots of friends.
  4. The arrow was so [] that it couldn't pierce the target.
  5. The words in [] are defined in the glossary at the back of the book.
  6. In a [] move, the driver sped past the competition on the last curve and won the race.
  7. Truckers [] all the major roads into the city in protest against the government's proposed legislation.
  8. Since the Lego Group began manufacturing [] in 1949, around 190 billion pieces in 2,000 different shapes have been produced, which is enough to give 30 Lego pieces to every person on Earth.
  9. My boss was very [] in saying that he didn't think I was doing a very good job.
  10. Your grandfather has some kind of [] in his intestine, and he is in a lot of pain.
  11. A Danish proverb advises, "Act honestly, and answer []."
  12. He [] the axe trying to cut firewood on a cement pad.
  13. His [] sometimes got him trouble with those employees who were a bit more sensitive.
  14. [] of cement with holes in them served as planters for small trees along the boulevard.
  15. She tends to be rather [] in speaking to the staff, but people appreciate her honesty nonetheless.
  16. Helena Rubinstein, one of the world's richest women, once [], "I could have made a fortune selling paper clips."
  17. The islands of New Zealand [] an impressively long coastline.
  18. Timon of Athens once claimed that nothing [] sin so much as mercy.
  19. The city of London [] a large selection of museums and art galleries.
  20. My neighbour's son is very bright, but he's also annoyingly [] of his accomplishments at school.