Gapfill exercise

Exercise generated with *Gerry's Vocabulary Teacher* (Michael A. Riccioli - 2012)
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Gap-filling Exercise

  1. His reputation among his colleagues has been [] by his success in the project.
  2. My new job is really enjoyable, and as an added [], it pays much better than my old one.
  3. Recent polling done across the country has [] the party's position on the issue.
  4. Desmond Morris once said that a true [] of friendship is usually only possible between people of roughly equal status.
  5. Rising profits have [] investors' confidence considerably.
  6. Lightning [] charges can spread for over 150 kilometres.
  7. This [] is too tight; you should loosen it a bit.
  8. About 100 lightning [] strike the earth each second.
  9. Going camping with his baseball teammates was a good [] experience.
  10. The back of the shop is filled with [] of material that are on sale.
  11. Someone once suggested that a government [] is a financial device to give you back some of the money you paid in taxes.
  12. Many children in developing countries are forced into debt [] and other forms of near slavery.
  13. Our low Canadian dollar has certainly [] trade with the U.S.
  14. We all went out for supper last night because my dad got a big [] at work.
  15. There is a Dutch proverb which observes that an honest man's word is his [].
  16. The top-selling retailing outlet each year will receive [] of 25% for each of the employees.
  17. Our teacher always gives us [] points on our assignments for neatness and organisation.
  18. Our boss always manages to [] people's confidence by constantly recognising their efforts.
  19. I didn't expect to get paid for helping them move, so anything they give me is a [].
  20. We have a jar full of [] of different sizes in the workroom; you should be able to find what you need there.