Gapfill exercise

Exercise generated with *Gerry's Vocabulary Teacher* (Michael A. Riccioli - 2012)
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Gap-filling Exercise

  1. I must have written down your e-mail address wrong. I tried to send you a message, but it [].
  2. Cigarette smoke really [] his allergies, so he doesn't go anywhere that people are allowed to smoke.
  3. It really [] me that your brother didn't even remember it was your birthday yesterday.
  4. Bats find their food by [] sound waves off the objects around them.
  5. Don't [] drying the dishes. Just leave them there and they'll dry by themselves.
  6. Mr. Sather is in a meeting right now, and doesn't want to be [].
  7. The children were [] a rubber ball against the side of the house.
  8. According to manufacturers, the average lifespan of a basketball used in professional basketball is 10,000 [].
  9. Housing prices are [] to go up this year because interest rates have come down a lot in the past few months.
  10. The post office marks the [] between the two municipalities.
  11. Canada is [] by the U.S. in both the south and northwest.
  12. An Arab proverb remarks, "Play alone and you're [] to win."
  13. The loud noise in the nightclub was [] my wife, so we left.
  14. The river acts as a natural [] between the two nations.
  15. The price of petrol is [] to go up next year because oil production is down somewhat.
  16. The book "The Lord of the Rings" really expanded the [] of fantasy literature.
  17. We'd better deposit some more money into our current account or the rent cheque will [].
  18. The United States space programme is redefining the [] of space travel.
  19. The economy of Mexico is very closely [] to that of the United States.
  20. There is a high fence around the [] of the zoo.