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  1. It can be hard to [__________] the different needs of raising a family and pursuing a career.
  2. Tahiti suffers from a severe [__________] in trade, with imports amounting to nearly ten times its exports.
  3. Because of the seriousness of the crime, the judge is expected to set a very heavy [__________], perhaps as much as 150,000.
  4. He is working as an administrator, but his [__________] is in law.
  5. We need some [__________] information on the company before deciding if we want to work with them.
  6. The suspect has been released after paying 100,000 [__________].
  7. Our students bring a great deal of [__________] knowledge to their study of a second language.
  8. The [__________] music in the film was really effective in creating a mood of romance.
  9. The man arrested for the attempted murder of a leading politician has been refused [__________] because the court is afraid he will try to leave the country.
  10. There were some problems with the [__________] in a town in Florida during the American presidential election of 2000, and apparently some people may have accidentally voted for the wrong person.
  11. The prisoner tried to escape across the border while out on [__________].
  12. Officials of ancient Greece used seashells as [__________] because once a vote was scratched on the shell, it couldn't be changed.
  13. She has a good sense of [__________]. She could probably walk on a tightrope wire.
  14. We always do a security check on an applicant's [__________] before recruiting anyone.
  15. You might want to [__________] a bit of water out of the kayak before you get in it.
  16. We need to [__________] our budget.
  17. Any changes we make to our environment endanger the natural [__________] of that ecosystem.
  18. Abraham Lincoln once remarked that the [__________] is stronger than the bullet.
  19. Some voters believe that their [__________] were destroyed before the election results were counted.
  20. The students voted by secret [__________] for the class representative.