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  1. That film was [____________] in my country due to the excessive violence.
  2. Relief organisations are working to [____________] the use of children as soldiers in many countries around the world.
  3. Donald Duck comics were originally [____________] in Finland because he doesn't wear trousers.
  4. After the company went [____________], the bank stripped its assets to pay off an outstanding loan.
  5. In March of 1999, more than 130 nations signed a United Nations Treaty [____________] landmines; however, the United States, Russia and China did not sign.
  6. The wall acts as an efficient noise [____________] between the two flats.
  7. His company went [____________] because they couldn't keep up with the changing market.
  8. A cone of water vapour is formed when a jet breaks the sound [____________].
  9. The company's [____________] was due to its inability to properly market its products.
  10. Different languages don't seem to be a [____________] to friendship among young children.
  11. I like going to the market and [____________] with the shopkeepers there.
  12. If you continue to spend more money than we are bringing in, you will [____________] us within a year.
  13. You paid 100 for that bike? That's an excellent [____________].
  14. I made a [____________] with Matthew. I'll help him with his French homework if he helps me with math.
  15. She [____________] with the shopkeeper over the cost for over 20 minutes, and ended up getting it for half price.
  16. Smoking is now [____________] in all public buildings in the city.
  17. A good travel agent should be able to help you find a [____________] airfare, hire car or hotel room.
  18. The Rick Hansen Institute works to remove [____________] that limit people with disabilities from reaching their full potential.
  19. Demonstrators built huge [____________] of tyres, scrap wood and old cars to stop the police from breaking up their rally.
  20. There have been an alarming number of [____________] in this province in the last year, due to our declining economy.