Word Formation in Context:
Betray - Bias - Bid - Bind

Exercise generated with *Gerry's Vocabulary Teacher* (Michael A. Riccioli - 2012)
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Match each pair, and then click the Check button.

1. During your speaking test you will be evaluated by a teacher other than your own. This is to make sure that the tester has no [__________] either for or against you.

2. He [__________] his principles when he voted to support the cuts to the education budget.

3. The government is offering thousands of dollars to rebels who are willing to [__________] their leaders and join the fight against the revolution.

4. Sony Corp. made an unsuccessful [__________] to take over MGM Studios.

5. Government purchasing procedures in this country are generally of two types: a negotiated contract or an open [__________].

6. He [__________] his principles when he voted to support the cuts to the education budget.

7. This company is obviously [__________] against women because there are absolutely no women whatsoever in senior management positions.

8. I was in a bit of a [__________] for a while after I lost my job, but things are much better now.

9. Do you have a hole punch, so I can put my papers in my [__________]?

10. Our cultural [__________] against eating insects means we miss out on the opportunity to enjoy good tasting, nutritious foods.

11. The Shop n' Save department store chain is making a [__________] to take over the bankrupt store.

12. Solicitors are interviewing prospective members of the jury to determine if anyone may have a possible [__________] against the accused.

13. Don't let the fact that you know my son [__________] you when you are choosing kids for the team.

14. She [__________] my confidence by reading my private diary and then talking about it with friends.

15. An unknown man has been arrested after a failed [__________] to hijack an Italian airliner.

16. We put a spiral [__________] on the book, so it could be opened and lain flat on a desk.

17. We got in a [__________] war over a house we wanted to buy, and ended up paying quite a bit more than we had planned.

18. The President [__________] us by raising taxes after promising not to do so.

19. You can [__________] the newspapers together with this string.

20. The packages were [__________] together with string and tape.