Accept Access

    unacceptable    access    accessible    accessibility    accessible    accepted    access    acceptable    accepted    acceptance    

  1. In order for government to be truly responsive to the people, it needs to be _______________ in some form to the average citizen.
  2. If you want to repaint your place, I have _______________ to a spray painter you could use.
  3. The factory has been producing higher than _______________ levels of pollution.
  4. In her _______________ speech at the awards show, she thanked her family and friends.
  5. James Powell has been offered the position of head teacher and has _______________.
  6. It is _______________ for teachers to hit their students.
  7. She _______________ the gift with a big smile, and thanked everyone several times.
  8. Juneau, Alaska is the only American capital city which is not _______________ by car.
  9. He couldn't send in his homework by e-mail because he didn't have _______________ to a computer.
  10. Psychologists describe forgetting as the loss in _______________ of previously stored information.
Exercise generated with *Gerry's Vocabulary Teacher* (Michael A. Riccioli - 2010)
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