Matching Exercise - generated with Gerry's Vocabulary Teacher - Michael A. Riccioli - 2015

Match each pair, and then click the Check button.
A calendar is just man's ___________ representation of the solar year.
On October 12, 1492, a sailor ___________ Christopher Columbus' ship the Pinta made the first sighting of land in the New World.
If you are __________ to come to the party, everyone will be really happy to see you.
The police finally had to ___________ their search after looking for the lost child for over a year.
The show was __________ awful!
Welcome __________ flight 203 to Belfast.
In 2002, in the southern Chinese province of Guangxi, a man was executed for _________ and then selling 104 women as brides to poor farmers.
Elizabeth Goudge once noted that most of the basic truths of life sound ___________ at first hearing.
Fresh water is _________ in Canada, but we must protect this important resource for future generations.
There is a Latin proverb which states that fortune favours the bold, but ___________ the timid.
People expect to pay ___________ low prices for their food, so farmers have a hard time making a reasonable profit.