MATCHING EXERCISE - generated with Gerry's Vocabulary Teacher - Michael A. Riccioli - 2015

Match each pair, and then click the Check button.
Ivan Turgenev once observed that if we wait for the moment when everything, __________ everything is ready, we shall never begin.
The young woman was arrested for __________ her baby after the infant was found alone at a bus station.
Ken Dodd once joked that Honolulu has __________ everything: sand for the children, sun for the wife, and sharks for the wife's mother.
Thomas is not an __________ beginner at golf, but he certainly hasn't been playing long.
The conversation ended __________ when the children entered the room.
In August of 1940, the nation of Latvia was __________ into the Soviet Union as the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic.
Napoleon Bonaparte once said that ___________ is nothing without opportunity.
In general, __________ are performed within the first three months of pregnancy.
A passenger __________ a flight to Heathrow became very ill, and the aeroplane had to return to the airport.
The parents chose to __________ the foetus after they learned it would be born with severe birth defects.