Gap-fill exercise - generated with Gerry's Vocabulary Teacher - Michael A. Riccioli - 2015

   abandoned      abduction      ability      abolition      abortion      abrupt      abrupt      absurd      abundant  
1. In March of 1996, three American soldiers were jailed in Japan for up to seven years for the and rape of a schoolgirl in Okinawa.

2. The most pigment in the world is chlorophyll.

3. She has a natural in sports, and seems to do well in any sport she tries.

4. My boss was very when I spoke to him today, so obviously there's something wrong.

5. His football career came to an end because of knee problems.

6. The human rights organisation Amnesty International works tirelessly for the of torture in prisons around the world.

7. Karen's religious beliefs forbid , so that is not an option for her.

8. It's to suggest that tax cuts for the rich will somehow benefit the poor.

9. We found a cat that had been by its owners when they moved away.