Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The death penalty was _______________ in this country about 50 years ago.
2. Hitting children as punishment for bad behaviour was _______________ in schools when I was a child.
3. The government has passed a law _______________ prayer in public schools.
4. The apartheid system of South Africa wasn't completely _______________ until the early 1990s.
5. She is the president of a local group which is working to _______________ all scientific testing on animals.
6. Nelson Mandela and President de Klerk of South Africa worked together to bring about the _______________ of that country's discriminatory laws.
7. The human rights organisation Amnesty International works tirelessly for the _______________ of torture in prisons around the world.
8. In May 1998, certain limits on foreign investment in Korean equities were _______________.
9. Some people believe that the _______________ of the death penalty would only result in an increase in the murder rate.
10. Eugene Ionesco once noted that no society has been able to _______________ human sadness.
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