Halal Meat 1

Gap-filling Exercise
"As last traditional butcher retires, Paris suburb finds halal is the only option"
by Elise Vincent

Exercise by Michael A. Riccioli

I am most grateful to Guardian News & Media Ltd (2012)
for granting me permission to use
Guardian articles as source material for my site.

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1. the first day of shooting season
2. A bottle champagne
3. People deep-froze my last batch veal olives.
4. North-east Paris
5. The last of long line of what he calls "traditional" .
6. He shut shop
7. Muslim butchers have become only source of cut-to-order
8. In this suburban
9. Quite a people
10. The Socialist of the local council
11. To stay an extra year
12. To listen to the controversial claims ritual slaughter
13. The far-right presidential
14. It's wrong to say
15. Traditional butchers disappearing
16. More than a of the population
17. The population is of foreign
18. retiring butchers
19. To sell one's business
20. plenty of localities