Halal Meat 1

Gap-filling Exercise
"As last traditional butcher retires, Paris suburb finds halal is the only option"
by Elise Vincent

Exercise by Michael A. Riccioli

I am most grateful to Guardian News & Media Ltd (2012)
for granting me permission to use
Guardian articles as source material for my site.

N.B. To read the whole article, kindly go to the following link:

   A bottle of      a few people      a fifth of      an extra year      completely wrong      have become the only source of      In plenty of      my last batch of      North-east      of foreign extraction      of the local council      of what he calls      On the first day      presidential candidate      retiring butchers      shut up      suburban locality      To listen to the controversial claims      To sell      Traditional butchers  

1. of the shooting season
2. champagne
3. People deep-froze veal olives.
4. of Paris
5. The last of a long line "traditional" butchers.
6. He shop
7. Muslim butchers cut-to-order meat
8. In this
9. Quite
10. The Socialist leader
11. To stay on
12. about ritual slaughter
13. The far-right
14. It's to say
15. are disappearing
16. More than the population
17. The population is
18. Many
19. one's business to

20. localities