Halal Meat 2

Gap-filling Exercise
"As last traditional butcher retires, Paris suburb finds halal is the only option"
by Elise Vincent

Exercise by Michael A. Riccioli

I am most grateful to Guardian News & Media Ltd (2012)
for granting me permission to use
Guardian articles as source material for my site.

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   A country lad      a farewell party      a fortnight      a significant change      At the turn of      by the smell of blood      French citizenship      immigrant communities      is dying out      Selling only      social makeup      Sold      Ten years      They took the trouble      those days      to look for      undocumented immigrant      What      When      with a touch of class  

21. Large
22. He now has
23. ago
24. An
25. To hold
26. The trade
27. can one do?
28. from
29. He was "not upset ".

30. In
31. To notice
32. the century
33. organic or French-sourced produce
34. the time came a successor
35. Changes in the
37. to interview each candidate individually
38. We wanted someone
39. at a knockdown price
40. Once or twice