Halal Meat 3

Gap-filling Exercise
"As last traditional butcher retires, Paris suburb finds halal is the only option"
by Elise Vincent

Exercise by Michael A. Riccioli

I am most grateful to Guardian News & Media Ltd (2012)
for granting me permission to use
Guardian articles as source material for my site.

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   a limited range of      A trick      big white letters      display cabinet      Elderly customers      free advice      He agreed to      He turned down      He was solidly built      He worked as a      Most people      next door      old      On returning from      Oriental spices      other meats      shoppers      street      To find a shop      turned down      veal chops  

41. a stay in the country
42. He hands out
43. for keeping tender
44. with a goatee beard and merry eyes
45. dressmaker, a mason and a plasterer
46. In
47. To stock wines
48. He this suggestion
49. try some organic goods
50. In the refrigerated
51. adorn the shelves
52. Price-conscious
53. have shunned the halal meat.
54. The little ladies
55. selling rillettes produced on the spot
56. To switch to
57. In the gently sloping
58. The bar
59. have switched to other meats.
60. this suggestion.