A Little Tour of France by Henry James 1900 (1)
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I am to begin with saying that Touraine is the garden of France; that remark has long ago its bloom. The town of Tours, however, has something sweet and bright, which that it is surrounded by a land of fruits. It is a very agreeable little city; few of its size are more ripe, more complete, or, I should suppose, in better humour with themselves and less disposed to envy the of bigger places. It is truly the capital of its smiling province; a region of easy abundance, of good living, of genial, comfortable, optimistic, rather indolent . Balzac says in one of his tales that the real Tourangeau will not make an effort, or displace himself even, to go in search of a pleasure; and it is not difficult to understand the of this amiable cynicism. He must have a vague conviction that he can only lose by almost any change. Fortune has been kind to him: he lives in a temperate, , sociable climate, on the banks of a river which, it is true, sometimes the country around it, but of which the ravages appear to be so easily that its aggressions may perhaps be regarded (in a region where so many good things are certain) merely as an occasion for suspense.